Working with CSS

Snowman 1.X uses a simple set of CSS rules for displaying HTML content. These can easily be extended or overwritten through adding new style rules within the Story Stylesheet when using the Twine 2 editor or as part of a stylesheet-tagged passage when using a Twee compiler.

Snowman uses the following rules for all <a> links:

a {
    color: #222;
    text-decoration-color: #bbb;

a:hover {
    color: #cc8929;
    text-decoration-color: #cc8929;

a:active {
    color: #ffb040;
    text-decoration-color: #cc8929;

These can be directly overwritten using new a{} rules, but more specific overriding of their rules could take place by targeting the a elements within the element with the class "passage" instead. (See Elements for more details about Snowman HTML structure.)

For example, the following would the most specific targeting of links within a Snowman 1.X story:

.passage a {
  // CSS rules

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