HTML Shorthand

Snowman supports a HTML shorthand for quickly creating elements with different properties. This shorthand is broken into two parts: prefixes and suffixes:


After the name of the element, two different symbols can be used.

  • 0: Sets the href property to javascript:void(0)
  • -: Sets the style property to display:none


An empty link:

<a0>This will be empty!</a>

A hidden DIV:

<div->Empty link and hidden</div>


After the name of the element and any prefixes are two other groups: ID and any classes. To set the ID of an element, its name must start with the hash (#) and run to the end of the opening tag or until a class name is encountered. A class name starts with a period (.) and is either after any ID or the name of an element.

  • #id: Sets the ID of the element
  • .class: Sets the class. Can be used multiple times for additional classes.


A DIV with the ID of "banner".

<div#banner>This is a banner!</div>

A SPAN with multiple classes.

<>This is large and green</span>

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