Through Underscore's _template() function, Snowman has a templating system that allows the use of JavaScript code to be included in passages. This comes in three main forms.

Arbitrary JavaScript

Any JavaScript can be run within a scoped context that immediately executes the code found within it using the Arbitrary JavaScript syntax of an opening, <%, and closing tag, %>.

var someValue = 5;


To write a value to the passage in the current position, the interpolation syntax of an equal sign (=) following the opening tag, <%, can be used. This is most useful to write a variable, the result of some calculation, or the return value of a function or other related process.

<%= showReturnValue() %>

Interpolate and HTML-Escaped

In those cases where a value should be both interpolated (written to the passage in the current position) and HTML-escaped, the minus symbol (-) can be used after the opening tag, <%. This is most useful in working with functions or with values that may contain HTML.

<%- escapeReturnValue() %>

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