SimpleQBN (1.4.0)

Because nothing about quality-based narratives is actually simple.

SimpleQBN is a quality-based narrative (QBN) generic JavaScript library for use in browsers or Node.js-based projects.

Expression Language Change

Previous to 1.4, SimpleQBN used expression operators from TinyQBN in the Grams format of variable-op-value. Starting with 1.4, all expressions are written in the MongoDB query language via Mingo.

While the Grams format works well for Twine-related projects, the MongoDB query language allows for a broader definition of expressions using multiple comparsions and operator usages in a single statement.

History and Documentation

HonKit is used to create a history and documentation of this project.

JSDocs is also used for the API documentation.


  • npm test runs the Jest-based test files. (Internally, Babel is used to transform the source for testing.)
  • npm run lint lints the files in src folder using ESLint.
  • npm run lint:test lints the files in test folder using ESLint with Jest settings.
  • npm run docs generates docs HTML content based on Markdown files stored in notes using HonKit.
  • npm run docs:serve creates a local HTTP server serving the files in notes from a created _book directory by HonKit.
  • npm run build uses WebPack to bundle the files for use in browser-based projects. It creates globals based on each of the classes (Card, Deck, Expression, QualitySet, and State) of the project.

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